“Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.”


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spoiling those who deserve it

These are quite possibly the three most darling children alive on the planet today. Lucas, Shelby and Silas had an all-day playdate and boy did they have a great time! Look at those smiles. I spoiled the heck out of them!

Lit faces

Halloween is my favorite holidays. Here's a few pumpkins my kids carved.

by chance

I was sitting on my deck, drinking a cup of tea when I noticed this one leaf soaking up some rays - just like I was.

walking stick

I am absolutely fascinated with bugs... and this one in particular. This turned out to be quite a nice walking stick portrait, if I do say so myself.

My favorite bird is the blue heron and I've been trying for years to get a good shot of one... and here it is! Isn't it beautiful??

Blue Heron with reflection

My favorite bird is the blue heron and I've been trying for years to get a good shot of one... and here it is! Isn't it beautiful??

Blue Heron

Look at this! I finally caught a blue heron close up. I have loads of photos froma distance, but this one seemed to pose for me.

Lake Hope

I love this photo. It's so simple. The colored hills reflecting in the water really makes the shot. This one will go on my wall.

Golden walk

This is my son (Silas) and dog (Maddie) at Ash Cave in the Hocking Hills (Ohio). I loved the way the sun reflected gold in the water, bouncing off the cave wall. I focused more on the waterfall and hoped the photo would turn out exactly like this....


If you look real close, you can see loads of little red bugs (that fascinated me to no end!)

A beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Today is a beautiful day. Lots of sunshine - which I enjoyed while laying on my deck. It's in the 50's, but will be in the teens tomorrow... better enjoy it while I can. Last night Heather slept over and we had a Girls Night slumber party (whahoo!!) complete with pj's, sleeping in the living room, chick movies, and lots of grub. It was fun. We're doing it again tonight, except my daughter is coming... and my husband will tag along (though I told him we're stilk calling it 'Girls Night' and he has to wear jammies and play along. ha!) Good times...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

People are strange

Nobody has a perfect family, and I'm no exception. I have family members who have not only disappointed me, but I've actually had to cut them from my life. Why? Because they done things that betrayed our family, and I just can not allow that type of toxic energy to infest my life. And I mean bad things.... like taking advantage of my mother for year, making her care for her mother and grandmother until their dying day, and then in the end, giving her nothing in return (though she was promised money, a home, etc for her 8+ years of service). Yes, people in my family - people who were close to me - promised my mother for 8 years that if she took care of her mother and grandmother (their mother and grandmother also), she would receive something extra from the nice estate that would be left behind. Well, THEY received the nice extras. The car, the property, the home, the appliances, and even money. Mom got nothing for her hard work, dedication, time off work and without pay, her suffering, her long nights, and her doing almost all of this work without the assistance of her own siblings.

I have come to believe that some people truly have no soul. They have no warmth, no instinct to be kind to others. They only feel for and live for themselves. They make excuses as to why they do the things they do, and why you should feel guilty for making them for guilty, but deep down, they are miserable individuals living a miserable existence filled with health problems, family problems and a spirit that weakens each and every day.

These people do not live life. They merely exist. They go through life without any life in them. I actually feel sorry for these people... and especially for my family members. Because they've turned their back on the very people who would come and sit with them for 8 years and nurse them through their most horrific of days. But now they have cut themselves from us, and I have cut myself from them.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Painting and Panting

I spent all weekend at my mom's house cleaning out her old storage room and then painting/ decorating the entire thing so my brother and his son can make a room out of it. It took 3 days but it was well worth it. Now it's a great place to hold up and get away from everything. And I should know. Nearly 2 decades ago it was my bedroom (before I moved out and got married). Being there and painting it all white again, the color it was when I moved in, was kinda surreal. .. in a good way.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Passion for Justice

The majority of my work centers around teaching folks - especially children - to recognize a negative image/ stereotype of our nation's indigenous people... and for all of us to end indigenous cultural theft, learn accurate history from all perspectives, to end generational Native American prejudices (that we've all been brainwashed with), to support those struggling for justice, and to aide in righting all these wrongs. It's something I believe in 100%. This "cartoon" is a perfect example of the problem. This was not retracted, not apologized for... rather it was justified. We would not tolerate this image for any other race - and now there's wars being fought over political religious cartoons - and yet the people in America seem to think Native people overreact when they complain about using their images and names to name sports teams, cars, clothing, beer, butter, and so on. It makes me sick and ashamed of my fellow Americans who believe this is acceptable.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

I found a heart shaped potato and, of course, had to photograph it.
So here ya go... A Potato Stud. Oops, I mean SPUD!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A not so happy birthday

My birthday was February 9th and all I wanted was to have my nephew, Deakin, over for a weekend of fun. We were supposed to see Curious George at the theater and then perhaps go out to dinner and then see what we could get in to. But about an hour before we were to leave for the movies, I suddenly and without warning, engaged in a massive pukefest. I hadn't been that sick in more than a decade! But I had a 4-year old and a 3-year old dressed, shoes on, waiting to go ... and I didn't want to diappoint them. So, I called Heather - who was in town - and asked if she could help me with the kids. Of course she said yes, she's a sweetie. And it was a good thing too cause I made many vomity ventures to the bathroom... a public bathroom... and I was too sick to be sickened by the thought of having my arm resting on an area that had been covered by many asses throughout the day. After the movie (which I saw very little of) I went home and Heather was there for me. She slept on one couch, I on the other, and she had a flashlight pen ready just in case the pukefest started back up. I slept with a milk jug, cut so my head could fit into it when necessary, and woke myself up many times with what seemed to be a very loud moaning and begging for mercy (and it was coming from me). But I felt better the very next day and was well enough to take the boys bowling for the very first time. What a birthday! Hopefully next year will be much better.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Mr. Big Tree

This is my favorite tree - ever. I know some folks think a tree is a tree, but to me, they are magestic creatures who watch over us for generations upon generations. And for the past 18 years, this particular tree (I call him Mr Big Tree) has been watching over me.

Heather's Little Darlings

Heather and her 4 kids came over tonight (Justin, Austin, Stephanie and TJ). Here's a pic of her and Justin, otherwise known as JussyBear. We've called him that since he was born. He was such an adorable little baby... and now he's 12. Hard to believe all these kids are growing up so fast. I can remember when Heather brought him home from the hospital. He had a patch of hair that stood up like a troll doll. So cute.

Friday, February 3, 2006

A window into my soul, perhaps?

I have a 'thing' for windows. No, I don't like to peer into them way late at night... but I do like to photograph old buildings and houses - especially their doors and, like I said, their windows - and imagine how that structure must have looked in it's heyday. People once looked out of those windows (and peered inside) letting in the light or keeping out the storm. They walked through the doorways, into parties and gatherings and happy faces welcoming them home. And eventually, they walked out those doors, leaving that home - or that building - forever.