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Monday, February 19, 2007

February 17th at Ruby Tuesdays, Columbus

BSD tied their first Battle of the Bands in Columbus! And they were absolutely amazing!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow birds

We had quite a bit of snow this month, and still those brave little birdies kept a'comin. Poor, cold critters. But, their misery made for some interesting photos. If you click on them, you should be able to see the snow falling - and sometimes it was coming down hard .

My favorite Photo from this week... or this month!

No, I didn't use special effects to create this shot. Just my Rebel camera and a lot of patience.

Sipping tea & Shooting birds

Billy BU

Billy sent a few more photos (great to hear that he's safe and well) and I thought I'd post them so everyone can have a little BU (Billy Update). He's near the Syrian border now, and our thoughts and best wishes definitely go out to him. I think about him often and try to send "good vibes" his way. We love you Billy!!! Come back safe & sound!! *MUAH!!!*

Here's his letter: i wish i could have been there on your birthday! hope you guys had fun. well i got some new pictures for you. the "retarder" is the actual name of a truck. i thought it was hilarious. the dog is "mitsie", our bomb sniffing dog. the rest are just some pictures of different signs that are up here on the border that i thought were cool. well i can't stay on here for long. talk to you soon! love you!