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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The day The GIRLS were born!!

Today was an amazing day!!

I asked the girls to dress up in retro pinup attire/hair/makeup and go uptown to Boogie on the Bricks for about 2 hours for a PR stunt. They were to go along, hand out my business cards (that had suckers attached) and ask women if they would like to feel delicious.

Then they were to mingle in the crowd, make an appearance and get noticed, and dance when the Royales played their show.

Well... that's what happened... but they were a much bigger HIT than I ever expected! They got TONS of attention, photographers were snapping photos like crazy, and they were definitely noticed! Big time!

People seemed to be really fascinated by the fact that my models were made of all shapes, sizes and ages... that I wanted to promote diversity, healthy body image, and reality in modeling.

I had MANY men tell me that what I was doing was great, because their girlfriends worried about their bodies, even though the men thought they looked wonderful.

This was the day the Eye Candy Girls were born! The day that we realized that Eye Candy was needed... and necessary for women of today.

Congrats Everyone! It's a modeling troupe!

Being stopped on the streets to get their picture taken! Pretty darn cool!

Some folks were SUPER excited to talk with the girls!!

Look at the camera folks taking pictures of my ladies!!!!

Boogie on the Bricks! Our coming out party!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing around at Sami's photo shoot

No matter the situation, the girls can't help but to have a good time.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Treat Yourself to a Photo Session!

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