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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yep! The Pinup is Back!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old is new again!!

The old addage is true, everyone old becomes new again... including fashion & style! Today the retro look is quickly becoming a fast trend. Here's just a few photos from magazines to prove it.

Plus Size Whitney Thompson is America’s Next Top Model



Plus Size Whitney Thompson is America’s Next Top Model

Whitney Thompson took top honors on this seasons “America’s Next Top Model” competition. The 20 year old made history because she is the first plus-size winner in the history of the show.

Thompson had this to say about her win:

People always say you have to be stick-skinny, emaciated and unhealthy and I’ve kind of stood up for [being full-figured] my whole life. I’m not going to lose 50 pounds – if someone asks me to do that, I’ll go to another [modeling] agency. I’ve already heard online from boys and girls all over the world who are dealing with eating disorders. They’re thanking me for standing up and saying, ‘I am a plus-size model and I am beautiful.’ This is what people should look like rather than skin-and-bones, which is disgusting and sends a bad message to people everywhere.”

Thompson is from Atlantic Beach, Florida and believes she has a great deal in common with the shows host Tyra Banks, who has been the recipient of much criticism over a series of unflattering bikini photos.

So now Thompson will hit the TV circuit with planned visits to Live with Regis & Kelly and The Early Show. She will also do a fashion spread in Seventeen magazine and receive a modeling contract from Elite Modeling.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More family pics

 My mom's mom - Norma Jean. (Mom is Connie Jean and I'm Terri Jean.) Yep. That's how we roll here in Appalachia!

A great photo of my parents around 1981.

 This photo is so sweet it's kinda sick. blah!

 I am the 4 year old on the left. See.... I had super long hair and I cut it all off so my mom had them even it out - which meant a buzz cut. I went to school like this. And given that my name is Terri, everyone though I was a boy.

 Usually there was major snow on my February birthday... so I didn't get a lot of friend parties. This one was my favorite.
 My great great grandpa Simon Derr who was German Dutch (on my mom's moms side). This is Grandma Whitlatch's dad. Mom is first at the upper right.

 Me and Lora posing for the camera. We were such hams.

 My pops and my baby brother.

My favorite photo of my dad.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mz Terri Jean

In case you were curious as to what Terri Jean looked like... here's a few photos.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miss Chrissy Photo Shoot

The first one is my FAVORITE! It's absolutely beautiful!! Don't you think??