“Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.”


Monday, December 31, 2012

I hate that I miss you.


New Years Tradition

This is me on New Years when I was about 10 or 11 (with my sister/aunt Lora - who is my actual aunt but younger than me). 

In the last 24 years I have spent every New Years with my kids - except for one.

Now that my youngest child is 10 years old, I have informed my children that the tradition of holding kids parties must continue ... without me. 

 Silas is getting older and soon he will be wanting to hang out with friends. When that day comes, I am retiring from the New Years tradition and they are to take it over. I think I deserve it!

Like I said, I've only had 1 New Years away from the kids - and yes, I really liked a night that was more suited for adults. But I will always treasure the times I spent with my kids (and grandkids) and I hope it continues... without me.

So as soon as Silas is cool with going somewhere else, I will officially end my duties as New Years Eve Party Coordinator and become a person who goes out and parties for New Years. 

And a partying I will.

Here's hoping that big step will happen soon... saaayyyyy 2013! Hey Shannan! You wanna?? We can plan it now. I'll even lend you all my decorations!

XXOO  and Happy New Years everyone!


After New Years when Chrissy was bout 5 or 6.
More Recent

Our first New Years with Shannan
New Years Eve with Silas and two granddarlings

Things that made me giggle

 Everyone who knows me knows my zombie and/or apocalypse plan - which is to put everyone I love out of their misery and then shoot myself. But this takes it a bit further - to first shoot everyone I HATE... and then follow through with my plan. hmmmm.....

I actually do this way too much.

 The above one, with Heather, was on facebook.I was like "Why is facebook trying to get me to buy presents? How odd."

so I just realized today...

that I drunk texted someone the other night.
I also realized they didn't text me back.
I don't know which one I find more odd.

snow days 3

snow days 2

snow days

love this photo

This is my retro bike that my dad gave me. It needs a lot of work and a super pretty girlie paint job... but by damn I'm gonna ride it this summer! I want it retro painted to make it all pinup-ie. It'll be soooo cute!

and it snowed

more from my week

more granddarling goofiness

Busy last few days of the year

 Izzy grabbed me and then pulled Rowan to the staircase while saying "Nana! Take me and Row Row's picture!" I've photographed them many times here, so I guess it's gonna be a "thing" from now on.

Then they played peek-a-boo (well... "where's the baby" - from Ice Age - which makes Rowan totally crack up).....

....and then Izzy started doing this. Whatever this is. (But it was totally funny)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My photo made the pinuppost.com !!!

I am thrilled!!

My photo made the Pinuppost. I submitted it on a whim and they published it! Woot!! Woot!! I am so very happy!!

I love this site and subscribe to the e-newsletter. Imagine my surprise when my photo was in there this morning!

Thrilled! Simply thrilled!

I've been thinking about submitting them for online and print publication. Looks like I'm definitely gonna do that from here on out.

And doesn't Cassi look beautiful?? Love this photo of her.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Resolutions I KNOW I can keep!

These are pretty much done deals. Even the "Get jiggy with it" and Dancing. I mean, they kinda mean the same thing (unless I'm using them to mean something completely different ... lol) and I tend to dance around the house a LOT.

The storm. It's here.

 Maddie coming in from using the potty.

 Piecing together 3 photos to show just how crazy the sky is right now.

Sleet from earlier. 

There's an old saying "Big flakes means little snow."

Sleet coming down. See the balls in mid-air? They were much bigger than they appear here.

Random pics from this week