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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Extra Summer Shots

I've posted a lot of summer photos on my regular blog - http://terrijeanblog.blogspot.com/ - but I had a few more... so I thought I'd just place them here.

* Alex carving an image into this old stump for the Luau.

* This cool catapiller hanging out by the back patio. I named him Pete.

* My Luau lamp. I made him myself. Cute huh?

* Scott deep sea diving in the pool.

* Silas camping out on the deck. We spent a lot of time in that tent this year. Silas loves sky watching (both clouds and stars) as much as I do.

* Chrissy and her daddy playing Corn Hole in the back yard.

* Silas in the pool. He's an excellent swimmer. A natural water baby.

Extra August Pics

Parades, sunsets, and school shopping - Oh My!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Annual Appalachian Luau

What happens when a bunch of hillbilly's throw their kids a Luau? A happy mix of hula skirts, island music, and pretty girls in long, floral skirts playing Corn Hole out by the 'ole Dump truck. And so it may have been more of a hoe down than a Luau, but that really didn't matter. Everyone had a GREAT time! We even saw a few shooting stars! And before they went to sleep in their tents, on the couch, in the clubhouse and on my floor - everyone wanted to know when we'd having the next Luau.... (Answer: July 2007. I'll see ya'll there!)

Luau 2

Luau 3 - still having a good time

Luau 4... here's some more